supermarket singapore, farmers market singapore, organic food singapore
supermarket singapore, farmers market singapore, organic food singapore

Bringing you food the way nature intended.

Our people

Bootle’s is a collective of like-minded souls bringing you food the way nature intended, from soil to plate.

Our individual lives and experiences have taken us from farming, growing, butchery and into kitchens where ingredients are the inspiration. Together, we serve you food with taste, texture and integrity.

Ben Scott, Co-Founder.

I grew up on a farm in the United Kingdom and spent most of my life helping with the work of producing lamb, beef and cereals.

Food has always been central to our family life; my grandparents and parents were farmers, flour millers and bakers. As a kid, I helped Dad at the farm and bakery. My family were early adopters of sustainability and self-sufficiency; they were practising these principles since the mid 1970s and I learnt much from them.

As a young man, I started my own manufacturing business. This took me to Singapore in 2005 where I have settled since. My Singaporean daughter is a teenager now; and she is part of my inspiration to create something positive and valuable for the communities in Singapore we are part of.

Having successfully sold my manufacturing company recently, I am now returning to my early roots in food. The name ‘Bootle’s’ is a tribute to my family history as it is the name of the town where they grew their food empire.

With Bootle’s Singapore, I will bring you affordable food with taste, texture and integrity.

“Food that is good for us, has taste, texture and integrity is not expensive to produce and move around the planet"

Mo Melwani, Co-Founder.

"What we eat is important so we should be doing everything possible to improve the standard of food"

I grew up in a big family where eating together was the most important part of the day and having ten things on the table was not uncommon. Being a third generation diaspora of Indian descent born in the Canary Islands, the food on the table was globally inspired: jamon, butter chicken, dim sum, antipasti all equally present (and sometimes, even served together!)
Growing up in this environment triggered my passion for food. At home, I cook regularly and professionally, I have been working in the food industry in various roles.
I believe what we eat and put into our bodies has a direct impact on our health and the planet. As such, we should be doing everything possible to eat better.
However, in the quest to for efficiency and scale in the food industry, practices like intensive-rearing, hormones, antibiotics have been introduced.
My motivation for co-founding Bootle’s is to show that food doesn’t have to be expensive and good, or cheap and bad. Food can and should be delicious, affordable and made with integrity and we should be proud of how it is made.

Angharad Onions, Butchery Director.

From a young age, I have always loved helping in the kitchen. But it was not till when I was fifteen and worked with a Michelin-starred chef near Bristol, UK that my passion for food and farming flourished. It was where I first discovered the significance of high quality and sustainably-produced food.

Field to fork and provenance are important to me. While at the British Royal Agricultural University, I spent much time on livestock farms studying first hand. Having worked at London’s top butcher, HG Walter and climbing the ranks in a male-dominated industry is something I’m immensely proud of.

The care from the farmers we worked with was continued all the way through to how we stored, cut, displayed, packaged and delivered all our meat.
It is this attention to detail in the meat process that I look to bring to Bootle’s.

“My mission is to help people understand the importance of sourcing meat.”

Ben Phua, Farm Manager.

“My work gives me purpose, knowing that I am doing what I love while ensuring that I am doing my part to build food resilience in Singapore.”

Indoor urban farming was something I did as a side-hustle whilst being a career advisor to students at INSEAD. In helping students find purposeful work, I began asking myself the same question.

What started as a side hustle became a full-blown obsession as I fell in love with the flavour and nutrients of the micro greens I grew. As Farm Manager of Bootle’s, I enjoy every minute of my work and see it as a means to fulfil a bigger purpose of building food resilience in Singapore.

supermarket singapore, farmers market singapore, organic food singapore

Bootle's & You

To do right by you - our customer, our supplier and our planet is the Bootle’s way.

We are meticulous in selecting what we bring to you, and eager to share the provenance of our products so that you know their origin and quality. Please ask us anything; there is nothing we love more than engaging with curious customers about food in all its myriad forms!

Food is not only a nourisher for our bodies, but a conduit for us to build healthy communities and ecosystems. Our wish is to help you build a real connection to what you are eating.

Our Farm

We searched the world for the best urban farming solution to bring you greens in the freshest way possible. Contributing to food resilience in Singapore is one of our long term goals.

We are partnering with Edible Garden City, an innovative, award-winning local enterprise that designs and builds edible gardens in Singapore.

Our urban farm is currently hosted in a 40-foot container in Queenstown and tended diligently by our team of urban farmers: Benn, Sophie and Dreo.

Microgreens are harvested daily and immediately delivered and sold at our store - you cannot get anything fresher than that!

Our produce

Ever wondered what the difference is between organic, chemical-free and conventionally-farmed products?

At Bootle’s, we guarantee full transparency and are eager to share with you everything you want to know about our products.

We clearly label and define all our produce in these three categories:
Chemical-free, Organic, Conventional, to help you make better decisions.

chemical free, organic food,

At a base level, you can be assured there is no GMO and no glyphosate in our products. For organic products, we typically accept standards set by Australia, New Zealand, The Soil Association, USDA.

Our Suppliers

Deciding which supplier to work with is a painstakingly rigorous process at Bootle's.

As best as possible, we go out of our way to meet them in person. This efforts have currently been hampered by travel restrictions as we grow our supplier list.

It is imperative we understand thoroughly our suppliers’ business practices, philosophy and ambitions. We want to work with people who care about the same things we care about - soil health, conscientious animal husbandry, future of planet Earth - just to name a few!

* Please check out our daily offerings on our Facebook page. Simply message us on Facebook for online deliveries. If you prefer to visit the shop and chat with our friendly staff for more information, drop by 733 Havelock Road.
(We are working on a web app for easier online ordering as fast as we can!)

supermarket singapore, farmers market singapore, organic food singapore

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