Our Produce

Ever wondered what the difference is between organic, chemical-free and conventionally-farmed products?
At Bootle’s, we guarantee full transparency and are eager to share with you everything you want to know about our products.

We clearly label and define all our produce in these three categories:

Chemical-free, Organic, Conventional, to help you make better decisions.


Uses neem oil and Effective Micro-organisms.


Uses certified organic fertilisers & pesticides.


Uses synthetic fertilisers & pesticides.

Our suppliers

Deciding which supplier to work with is a painstakingly rigorous process at Bootle's.

As best as possible, we go out of our way to meet them in person. This efforts have currently been hampered by travel restrictions as we grow our supplier list.

It is imperative we understand thoroughly our suppliers’ business practices, philosophy and ambitions. We want to work with people who care about the same things we care about - soil health, conscientious animal husbandry, future of planet Earth - just to name a few!