Rummo Spaghetti

500 g

Rummo’s Pasta - crafted slowly for excellence

PHASE 1 - The incessant search for the finest ingredients in a natural environment that constantly changes while our standards never waver.

PHASE 2 - The exacting and drawn-out process of coaxing wheat and water into a miraculously elastic union.

PHASE 3 - Extrusion of the pasta with special bronze dies that give it a rough, sauce-absorbing surface, capable of elevating meals from ‘good’ to ‘mouth-watering.’

PHASE 4 - Masterfully varying times and temperatures depending on shape to dry the pasta (eliminate water and lock in flavor).

PHASE 5 - A test phase in which two chefs cook and taste pasta from each lot then measure its firmness with an instrument that replicates biting, the Dynamometer.