Joostenberg Fairhead 2019

Size: 2 x 750ml

Joostenberg was bought by the Myburgh family in 1879. In 1947 winemaking ceased, and for the following 52 years grapes were sold to the local co-op. Then, in 1999, brothers Tyrrel and Philip Myburgh resumed the winemaking tradition. Tradition is key for Philip and Tyrrel as they believe that wine is a natural product and all outside influences should be avoided.  This means organic and dry farming and guiding the grapes through the wine making process.  They are true minimalists and their wines unique and beautiful.

This small batch white wine is named after Joostenberg's current matriarch and gardener extraordinaire, Gillian Fairhead. The wine honours the women of Joostenberg whose substantial efforts, in a male dominated society, have often been unrecognized. The heart of the wine is old vine Chenin Blanc and the blending partners are the more exotic Roussanne and Viognier varietals which come together to make this luscious wine with aromas of honeysuckle and apple crumble.

Grape: Chenin Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier

Vivino: 3.7 out of 5

South Africa

Vegan-friendly, organic